Cauchy Analytics

Revolutionizing Heart Monitoring in the ICU

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Introducing Cauchy Analytics Continuous, Non-Invasive Heart Monitoring for Critical Care Patients


Welcome to Cauchy Analytics, where we’re pioneering the future of heart monitoring in hospital Intensive Care Units (ICUs). Our groundbreaking sensor technology is designed to provide continuous, non-invasive, and accurate heart monitoring, ultimately enhancing patient comfort and safety while reducing the risk of infections and related hospital costs.

Our Solution:

Our product is an AI-driven ultrasound sensor designed for continuous heart imaging and cardiac monitoring. It is intended to revolutionize emergency cardiac care in ICUs by filling the crucial time gap between monitoring and diagnosis, thereby accelerating ICU response times to save lives. Using only two of our compact sensors, strategically positioned by a nurse on a patient’s chest at predefined points, we offer instantaneous echocardiographic views of the heart and accurate measurements of the ejection fraction. Empowered by AI, our sensors deliver automatic, real-time, and essential data, transforming the approach to cardiac care


  • Miniaturized and automated ultrasound technology
  • Comfortable and non-invasive heart monitoring for patients
  • Real-time, 3D image generation and blood flow measurement
  • Disposable gel adhesive for easy attachment and removal
  • Continuous monitoring for several days
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Our Progress:

We have successfully created a working prototype of our patent pending technology, and conducted a pre-clinical study with volunteers. Our continuous, non-invasive heart monitoring solution is on track to revolutionize the way clinicians monitor and treat their patients in the ICU.