Cauchy Analytics Featured at Velocity Health Launch

Federation Hall at the University of Waterloo was filled to capacity on 2 March 2023 for the launch of Velocity Health, a new global network of health innovators set to unleash a globally competitive platform for health technology startups.

Cauchy Analytics was the first company featured at this prestigious event, with CEO James Lowman bringing his trademark focus and enthusiasm to the stage, generating significant buzz and interest in the company. 

CTO Moslem SadeghiGoughari, PhD also represented team Cauchy at the Velocity Health Launch speaking to investors and innovators keen to learn more and find ways to get involved.

Velocity Health director Moazam Khan presided over the celebratory event, noting the critical interventions this new organization is poised to make in exciting Canadian health startups from conception to commercialization, and his pride in partnering with companies like Cauchy Analytics.

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