Cauchy is the Face of Velocity Health as Political Leaders Visit Kitchener-Waterloo

Earlier this year, Cauchy Analytics was the first company featured at the launch of Velocity Health, a project funded in part by the Government of Canada and the city of Kitchener that seeks to help new companies in the health-tech sector access funding and get products and services in the hands of the people who need them. 

Today, Cauchy plays a key role in Velocity Health’s visit from the current Premier of Ontario. CEO James Lowman delivered our pitch with his trademark engagement and excellence, and the response was equally enthusiastic. 

Cauchy Analytics CEO James Lowman stands with members of Velocity Health to welcome the political delgation to Velocity
James Lowman with members of Velocity Health meeting the leaders of the political delegation

CTO Moslem SadeghiGoughari explained Cauchy’s innovation to members of the delegation, demonstrating the value of government support for innovation and enterprise that promises world-changing solutions. 

Cauchy Analytics CTO Moslem SadeghiGoughari explaining our intervention to members of the political delegation to Velocity
Moslem SadeghiGoughari speaking with members of the political delegation

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