Happy Holiday Weekend from Cauchy Analytics (woof)

This weekend, folks across Canada and the United States are enjoying a long weekend thanks to the national holidays commemorating founding moments of both countries. 

With founders James, Rakshit, and Mosi taking a rare and extremely well-deserved break this weekend, some of the younger members of Cauchy’s extended team decided this is the time to grab the reins and introduce themselves. Folks, meet the pawsitively purrfect threesome, perhaps the true power behind the throne(s) of Cauchy Analytics!

Meet Marzipan “Mars” Rover, CEO (Charming Engaged Overexcited)

Meet Shapoor, CTO (Controlled Technocreative Omniscient)

Sherlock, CMO (Cutest Mischief Organizer)

From ALL of us at Cauchy Analytics, happy holiday weekend!

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  1. Adam Barker

    This is a corporate family I can get behind!

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